1. Let’s Get Drunk & Forget What We Did

Black Girls Drinking Source:Getty

It’s almost Memorial Day and you know what that means! Not really, it’s just another excuse to drink because we have an extra day off this weekend! So let’s get some bottles and make this flirty summer cocktails!

2. Summer Salute

Summer Salute Source:Sauza Tequila

We salute this drink!

3. Berry American

Berry American

This makes us proud to be an American.

4. The Aperol Spritz

The Aperol Spritz Source:M Booth

So refreshing!

5. Papaya Smash

Papaya Smash Source:Tequila Avion

Tropical realness.

6. Liberty Lemonade

Liberty Lemonade

7. Spiced Blueberry Punch

Spiced Blueberry Punch Source:Debbi Peek

The coolest spiced drink ever.

8. Honey, White & Blue

Honey White & Blue

The true American flag.

9. Avion Paloma

Avion Paloma Source:Tequila Avion

So fresh, so delish!

10. Summertime Sunrise

SUmmertime Sunrise Source:R. Ploshnick

Summer summer summertime, oooh it’s summertime!

11. Mile High

Mile High Cocktail Source:Tequila Avion

Join the club with this cocktail!

12. Border Frappe

Border Frappe Source:Tequila Avion

This is not your Starbucks frappe!

13. Watermelon Woo Woo

Watermelon Woo Woo Source:DBC PR

You’ve been drankin’…watermelon.

14. Q Summer Storm

Summer Storm Cocktail Source:DBC PR

This one is tropical and very, very necessary.

15. Knob Creek Rye Blackhawk

Rye Blackhawk Source:DBC PR

Like whiskey? This is your drink!

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