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Lovecraft Country viewers tune in every week for scary sci-fi delights. It’s the horrors of the 1950’s Jim Crow era meets actual monsters, time portals, magic, and aliens. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that it’s easy to miss important details. However, one thing that can’t be overlooked is the styling. The world these characters live in is a nightmare, but their everyday wear is the epitome of style and grace. 

Lovecraft Country stylist Dayna Pink (Crazy Stupid Love, Bad Boys For Life), told Harper’s Bazaar that she and her team found inspiration in real 1950’s photography, especially by Gordon Parks, and modern fabrics. The result is lots of style inspiration, which is perfect given that Halloween is right around the corner. 

Halloween is going to look different this year for all of us, but don’t let it stop you from dressing up, especially if you channel Lovecraft Country. Here are 10 wardrobe moments from Lovecraft Country that you can tap into for costume ideas.

1. Topsy and Bopsy

These dancing sambos from last week’s episode are still haunting all of our dreams. But if you’re not easily scared, and are into creepy Halloween costumes then these demon dancers would be a great choice. You can dress as one solo or make it a group costume where it’s a Topsy and Bopsy combo or Topsy, Biopsy and Diana.

You can get a shirt dress and then shred it up some, and add dirt to make it look worn out. 

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One of them had on some red sneakers similar to Chuck Taylor’s 

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2. Diana’s Emmett Till Funeral Dress

Speaking of Diana, you could do some variation of the dress she wore to Emmett Till’s funeral. You could just do the dress, or add the hat like she did later on, and if you really want to step it up, you could add the metal pipe from when she was being stalked by the demon minstrel dancers.

Here’s a similar dress: 

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3. Leti and Tic

These two could make a good couple’s costume. They have moments where they’re actually dressed in normal unsoiled clothing, but then there are moments when they look like what they’ve been through. It’s all about options.


5. Ruby and William

This could be another interesting couple’s costume. Or, switch to Ruby and Christina because we know this entire set up is weird af.

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