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Johnta Austin, Ne-Yo suits

Source: Prince Williams /Brian Stukes / Getty

Two men known for their stellar songwriting ability and dapper style let us into their studios last night for a battle of epic proportions. The outcome was arguably a draw (though I think Johntá Austin walked away with the win), but one man’s style proved supreme. Not only did Johntá Austin come prepared with his musical notes and selections, he came suited and booted. His choice of suit — Tom Ford.

Austin, with his bow tie neatly hanging over his pristine white collared shirt, dropped hit after hit as he sipped D’usse from a fine stemmed wine glass. As the song battle intensified, Austin came out his blazer and declared, ‘You see you made me come out my coat” right before hitting the pay button on Sweet Lady, a gut punch. Underneath his jacket were suspenders.

With over 70k tuned into their duel, Austin and Ne-Yo began trending. While many people hadn’t heard of the grammy award winning songwriter before, they immediately learned about his skill and suave style.

Any man who comes to a battle in a suit is a man of dignity and that’s exactly how Johntá conducted himself through the entire Instagram Live. By the end of the live, he raised a glass for a toast like a  true gentlemen.

“Its 77K in here and y’all are the real winners. If i lose tonight I wouldn’t want to lose to no one else,” he said after playing his last song We Belong Together by Mariah Carey.

What a well-dressed and well-spoken man. Let’s get into these tweets.

1. New Battle Attire?

If John Wick can kill as many people as he did wearing one Black suit through an entire franchise, so can Johnta.

2. National Johnta Suit Day

Since we’re still on quarantine, (thank God for these IG battles), one Twitter user suggested we wear suits in the house in honor of Johnta.

3. He Came To Slay

In this case, we mean “slay” as a double entendre.

4. Zaddy Material

If Johnta was single before, he has a whole slew of ladies swooning over his suit and song lyrics.

5. Suit Daddy

Johnta about to be someone’s new zaddy!

6. D’usse Is Divine

Sipping D’usse out a fine wine glass is the new quarantine standard.

7. Things Are Heating Up

We knew the battle was heating up when Johnta came out of his blazer and revealed his suspenders.

8. Scent & Songwriting

Touché sis. Touché.

9. Beautiful & Talented

The ladies can all agree, aside from his fashions, Austin is a fine and seasoned bearded man.

10. Baby Daddy Qualified

He does specialize in baby making music…

11. Sean Garrett Approved

If you caught the previous night’s battle between Sean Garrett and The-Dream, this face explains it all!

12. Saweetie Said It Best…

In the words of Saweetie, Austin is “my type!”