1. Casts Of “Love Thy Neighbor & The Have & Have Nots”

Last night, dozens of fans gathered at the Tribeca Grand hotel in NYC to witness the premiere of Tyler Perry’s “Love Thy Neighbor” and “The Haves And The Have Nots” along with some of the cast! After watching both premieres, audience members were lucky enough to ask the cast members questions about their roles, working with Tyler Perry and their journeys to success! Find out deets inside!

2. Andre Hall & Kendra C. Johnson

Andre Hall and Kendra C. Johnson have a mother/son relationship on “Love Thy Neighbor” and their love for each other is carried off screen as well! The two were inseparable all night as Andre couldn’t veer too far away from his “mama.” Andre described his character “Danny” as a “mamas boy” who loves his family while Kendra described her character “Linda” as a single mother looking for her place in life again.

3. Kendra C. Johnson

Kendra C. Johnson, who plays Linda on “Love Thy Neighbor”, got emotional during the audience Q&A when she described the sacrifices she endured while pursuing her acting dream. She explained that for 10 years she worked 3,000 miles away from her daughter and struggled to make ends meet. Now that she’s reached success on “Love Thy Neighbor”, she is only 10 minutes away from her daughter and is able to see her more.

4. Palmer Williams

Palmer Williams plays Uncle Floyd on “Love Thy Neighbor” and was extremely excited and energetic throughout the whole night. He explained that his very first time watching the show was that night! “We didn’t know what they were going to pick,” he explained, “we don’t see any of the shows until the public sees them!” Palmer also continuously gave honor to God for his success saying, “it’s all I know!”

5. The Cast Of “Love Thy Neighbor”

The cast of “Love Thy Neighbor” posed for a group shot on the red carpet. When asked what we can expect to see this season, Andre Hall answered “A lot of heart and definitely a lot of comedy.” He then went on to say, “It will be some nice drama moments but it’s going to be a nice surprise for season two. People are going to be excited about it like we are!”

6. Gavin Houston, Angela Robinson and Peter Parros

Gavin Houston, Angela Robinson and Peter Parros chatted throughout the night about the upcoming season. The trio plays mother, father and son on “The Have And The Have Nots” and are are struggling to come to terms with their son Jeffrey’s (Gavin) homosexuality.

7. Tyler Lepley

Tyler Lepley was all smiles as he opened up about his role as Benny Young on “The Have And The Have Nots” and what we can expect this season. “It’s going to blow your mind what’s going to happen this season,” Tyler explained, “You’re going to see a lot more juicy details!”

8. John Schneider & Renee Lawless

John and Renee play a married couple who’ve had enough of each other on “The Have And The Have Nots”. The duo, who appear to be great friends in real life, talked about going from being great friends off screen to sworn enemies on screen. John laughed, “I wish I could be Jim Cyer, not in life, but in business because it’s something about Jim that you will not mess with!”

9. Jaclyn Betham

Jaclyn plays Amanda, the spoiled yet rich daughter of Kathryn and Jim. When asked about her character, Jaclyn explained, “I don’t know if people really hate Amanda yet, but I think people are more frustrated with her. They want her to get a clue and stick up for herself and in this season she does that.”

10. Aaron O’Connell

Aaron O’Connell flashed a charming smile while describing his role as Wyatt on “The Have And The Have Nots”. He explained that we won’t be happy with Wyatt this season because he’s quite a troublemaker. When asked how he got into character to play the controversial role, Aaron answered, “Lots of homework. My character is so different than I am that I have to find some sort of relationship with Wyatt to understand.”

11. The Cast Of The “Haves And The Have Nots”

The cast of the “Haves And The Have Nots” posed for a group picture on the red carpet and encouraged everyone to check out the drama filled season two premiere tonight at 9pm on the OWN Network.

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