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You can be a mom and still wear whatever you want, and there are quite a few hot celebrity MILFS who prove this theory true. Amid the recent Keke Palmer drama where her child’s father publicly condemned her for her sheer outfit while partying it up in Vegas, we want to pay homage to a few alluring celebrity moms who embrace motherhood and their banging bodies.

Who said women should erase the sexy aspects of being a woman after giving birth? Yes, motherhood is sacred. It’s a calling that requires women to give a lot of themselves for their child’s/children’s wellbeing. However, it has nothing to do with how women adorn and celebrate their bodies after giving birth. The patriarchy has forever enforced this narrative that women must shed certain aspects of themselves when becoming a parent. And if a woman wants to celebrate her body by wearing revealing clothing, she is considered promiscuous and not fit for motherhood. Meanwhile, fathers can act and expose themselves in any way they like because they are… well, men. But the burning question that no patriarchal-thinking person has yet to answer is, what does wearing risqué clothes have to do with motherhood?

The sacrifices women make as mothers can sometimes take a toll on their mental, emotional, and physical health. Therefore, finding joy in something as small as an outfit may lift their spirits. With that said, whatever a mother wants to rock is her business. And here are six celebrity MILFS who wasted no time returning to their sexy looks after having children.

1. Beyoncé

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Nothing or no one will stop Queen Bey from being sexy. She bursted onto the scene, flaunting her curves, and she will retire doing the same. The icon is a wife and a mother of three, and these titles haven’t stopped her from expressing her sexiness through her songs and fashions.

2. Rihanna

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Do we even have to write a caption about this MILF? Bad Gal Rih Rih is just that…a bad gal! Not only does she embrace her sexiness as a mother, but she also does it when she’s with child! The beauty mogul singlehandedly changed the pregnancy fashion game, making it cool for women to expose their round stomachs and shamelessly celebrate their pregnancy bodies.

3. Kelly Rowland

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Kelly Rowland is a class act, and this gorgeous diva will always serve body no matter who she is or what she wears. The songstress has one of those shapes that can’t be hidden or denied; therefore, she has no choice but to flaunt it. And after two kids, her curves are curving even more, and we love seeing her adorn them.

4. Erykah Badu

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The muva of all muvas is the poster child for honoring her body and motherhood. She encourages her daughter to do the same as they have posed together for an Instagram picture showing off their round derrières in leggings. Years ago (during motherhood), the goddess faced controversy for stripping down to her birthday suit in the video for her hit song “Window Seat.” When critics put a negative spin on her nakedness, Badu (in true Badu form) responded with a truism. “So it is true. Being honest CAN get u assassinated. Your character, spirit, & sometimes physically,” tweeted the artist.  Period, Badu!

5. Kandi Burruss

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One thing about Kandi Burruss, she’s going to embrace who she is. The Grammy-award-winning artist is known for being liberated by her sexuality. She’s not afraid to say what she likes and wear what she wants, and we are here for it.

6. Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj’s curves make headlines just like her music. The queen Barb is the definition of MILF. According to the Barbie World rapper motherhood changed her. In an interview on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” she revealed “I think motherhood has made me see more good in people, see more good in the universe,” the Grammy winner said in the interview. “It makes you a little bit more of a forgiving person.”

7. Cardi B

Gaurav Gupta : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2023/2024 Source:Getty

Motherhood hasn’t slowed down Cardi B’s grind. Cardi makes motherhood look easy. The Bronx femcee takes pride in being the best mom she can be while still focusing on her career, style, and body. She opened up about motherhood in Vogue, saying, “I have compassion for good mothers who get up and hustle and work, or even not work—having kids is work. Raising a kid is work.”

8. Keke Palmer

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The newest MILF on this list, Keke Palmer has been serving post-pregnancy curves and confidence in headline-grabbing manner. The Cut cover star recently opened up about leaning into her body amid motherhood.  “After having my baby, I’ve just gotten so much more powerful,” she said.”I’m just so strengthened in a crazy way. Strutting my stuff, enjoying. I’ll be honest, I think before I even had the baby, I was really actually quite self-conscious. In a way that you would expect, considering the kind of work that I do as a public figure. Always trying to be on point with my body and always trying to make sure I’m taking care of this and that. There’s a lot of physical attention. Being slim and being fit in a particular way was always something that I was gunning for. After having the baby, my body got so much bigger and I started getting fluff in areas I never had before.”

9. Lil’ Kim

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Shall we proceed? Yes indeed! Lil Kim is the queen of doing whatever feels good to her soul. The rap icon is known for defying all the patriarchal rules and empowering females to go just as hard as men…and that includes celebrating our bodies as men do theirs. Lil Kim never backs down from an opportunity to show off her curves…mom or not. 

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