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Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest Tee” Flenory may be the king pins on Starz’s BMF, but the queens are the stars of the show. 

We watched the Flenory brothers expand their drug empire to new cities while they were surrounded by badass women on the real life inspired drama. From their mother Lucille, played by Michole Briana White, to former HB cover star La La Anthony, who brings to life Markiesha, each woman played a role in the Flenory brothers’ journey to becoming Kings of the D.

At this point, we’re fully invested in their character’s and are left wondering what will happen in season three. Will Lucille and Charles divorce forreal? How does Terry’s new baby interrupt he and Markiesha’s love story? Does Detective Veronica Jin turn her back on her partner for good? They represent the slick seducers, secret keepers, hair braiders, meal preparers, money launderers, and prayer warriors that make the dope game go round.

As we bid adeui to season two of BMF, were looking back at the women of BMF, who brought dynamic acting skills and storylines we’ll be thinking about until season three comes back around. 


1. Mabel, played by Christine Horn, is the shady neighbor from hell. 

BMF_Episode 201_Family Dinner_Left to Right: Christine Horn ("Mabel") Source:Starz

The last thing you need when trying to track down a psychopathic killer and secure a new plug is family drama, but that is what Mabel brought the brothers by going after their mother’s husbands. Charles was just as wrong for neglecting his family, but Mabel insisted on hooking up with him, causing all types of drama.

2. Detective Veronica Jin, played by Kelly Hu, is an ambitious cop who tap dances on our nerves. 

BMF_Episode 205_Moment of Truth_Left to Right: Kelly Hu (“Detective Veronica Jin”) Source:Starz

This copper is almost as annoying as detective Bryant. The character gives “copaganda.” Every time she floods the screen with her goody-two-shoes energy, we know we are about to get less of our faves. She almost won us over by calling out her crooked parent in crime fighting and passion, but it wasn’t enough to make us want more of her than the brick-flipping duo we showed up for. When she tried to get B-Mickie to flip with no leverage, she showed how out of touch she really was. The streets ain’t for everybody, and she belongs on the sidewalk.

3. Markeisha, played by HelloBeautiful cover La La Anthony, is a baddie who motivates Terry to greater heights.

La La Anthony as “Markisha” in BMF Source:Starz

Markeisha could be both an asset and a liability, depending on who she was with and what she wanted at the time. She helped Boom collect money and raise his children, but she also cheated on him and withheld information that could have cost him his business and his life. 

She helped Terry become more refined and practical, but she popped out with him in the streets before it was safe, putting them both in danger. 

Markeisha also disrespected Terry’s family at Hair Wars in the season finale. The way she treated Lawanda was unacceptable. The heart wants what it wants, but there’s never an excuse for running up on somebody’s pregnant baby mama.

4. Goldie, played by Mo’Nique, is a Southern-style hustler who commands respect. 

BMF Season 2_Episode 205_Left to Right: Mo'Nique ("Goldie") Source:Starz

Goldie supported the girls working in her club by introducing them to ways to make ends meet outside of showing their rear ends. She wasn’t just using and judging the dancers. Goldie also didn’t hold a grudge against them for hitting her back after the card game. She was straight up with Meech and Terry and invited them into the nucleus of Atlanta after their altercation.  

She stuck by her sister and cared for her with her own hands when people turned their backs on their family members with AIDS whose health was failing.

5. Lucille Flenory, played by the amazing Michole Briana White, fought for her family. 

BMF_Episode 209_High Treason_Left to Right: Russell Hornsby (“Charles Flenory”), Michole Briana White (“Lucille Flenory”) Source:Starz

The real heavyweight on the ride-or-die scale was Mama Flenory. She prayed the devil away when Lamar came knocking, found a way to get her daughter what her husband couldn’t provide, and facilitated a family discussion surrounding her new grandbaby.

She even managed to keep herself from wrecking Mabel’s face with a cast iron skillet when she caught Mabel and Charles cheating and got her lick back with a new ‘do and fresh drip in the finale. Iconic.

6. Lori, played by Serayah, was not putting all of her eggs in the Meech basket. 

BMF_Episode 207_Both Sides of the Fence_Left to Right: Serayah McNeill ("Lori"), Demetrius 'Lil Meech' Flenory Jr. (“Demetrius 'Big Meech' Flenory”) Source:Starz

Lori stayed in school and focused on her goals despite having a kid with Meech. She could have relaxed and spent his money but kept her own thing going instead.

She reminded him how dangerous his occupation was and stashed him away when he needed it.

7. Deanna, played by Yung Miami, represented how many women are left on their own by the game. 

BMF Season 2_Episode 209_Left to Right: Caresha Brownlee ("Deanna Washington") Source:Starz

Deanna offered Southern hospitality to Terry and Meech on behalf of her husband, Ty Washington. She hooked up a mean fest and curated a beautiful home. She was even cool enough to let her man off the leash so he could have a good time with his boys. In the end, jealousy snatched her man away from her, and she demanded revenge like a loyal wife would.

8. Nicole Flenory, played by Laila Pruitt, is a young lady craving independence. 

BMF_Episode 202_Family Business_Left to Right: Laila Pruitt ("Nicole Flenory") Source:Starz

While her cheating daddy was busy trying to play maintenance man in other people’s houses, Nicole stepped up and got a job to get some space from her family. She comforted her mother when she was hurting and called her brother out for being trifling.

She didn’t snitch even when the police pressed her after her friend’s murder.

Baby sis was all the way down.

9. Mo, played by Detroit native, Kash Doll made a few mistakes but she always put family first.  

BMF_Episode 205_Moment of Truth_Left to Right: Arkeisha Knight ("Monique") Source:Starz

Mo’ chose up by moving on from Lamar after he went away. When she was forced to face the consequences of that choice, she put her kids out of harm’s way and dealt with the heat on her own, like a real one.

10. Mo’ chose up by moving on from Lamar after he went away. When she was forced to face the consequences of that choice, she put her kids out of harm’s way and dealt with the heat on her own, like a real one.

BMF_Episode 207_Both Sides of the Fence_Left to Right: Sydney Mitchell ("Lawanda") Source:Starz

Lawanda played her position even after seeing how the drug game almost snatched her kid’s father away from her. Even though she wanted him to go straight, she lied for Terry to the cops and defended him to both of their families. She had every reason to flip when the cops showed her pictures of how he cast her aside for Markeisha, but she was loyal to him anyway.