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Source: @__autumnstar / @__autumnstarr

It started with a simple call to action framed as a question, “Can we start a braids thread?” Twitter user @__AutumnStarr tweeted it and within moments, it had thousands of shares and retweets.

“During this time of Covid-19 many non-essential businesses are shut down including hair salons. I started the thread because protective hairstyles are very convenient, advantageous and easy maintenance,” Autumn Starr explained in a DM.

The thread captures the beauty of Black women wearing braids — a hairstyle that doesn’t always conform to European beauty standards. Braids and other natural hairstyles have been used against Black women in professional settings like work and school. And even on public platforms like Twitter where this very braid thread originated.

Braids, in any form, are a staple in the Black community and a style that allows for versatility, protective styling and, simply, being cute. Braids are a transformative beauty look when you’re tired of your usual blow-out, wig, weave, or natural fro. They look great in the summer and are effortless. So forget what a hater got to say.

We love this Twitter thread because Black women look bomb in braids. Add some melanin and golden hour and voila!

Happy scrolling…

1. @maurachanz

These Bantu knot braids are giving us ancestral vibes.

2. @primalaprincess

@primalaprincess looks flawless in this sunny portrait.

3. @Jujuzaina_

Braids and baby hair make for the perfect melanin-rich combo.

4. @keikoleefit

Pregnant and slaying in plaits!

5. @jc2k_

Barefaced and beautiful with her braids.

6. @JasminUnlimited

Cute in the car is a full mood.

7. @tallialee

This sun-kissed beauty hit golden hour just in time to showcase her box braids.

8. @iamdknicole

Braids, lashes and radiant skin equals a slay in the driver’s seat.

9. @talltayy

This svelte beauty likes her braids as long as her legs.

10. @vivalafrance

Our girl @vivalafrance is sending us Parisian vibes with her braided pigtails.

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