1. Favorite TV Dads

While we’re getting ready to honor our own fathers this month, let’s take a look at some of our favorite TV dads over the years and remember why we fell in love with them!

2. Julius – “Everybody Hates Chris”

Although Julius on “Everybody Hates Chris” was extremely cheap, he made sure his family was happy. He worked two jobs (as Rochelle often proclaimed to anyone who would listen) to make sure his family had the best his coupons could buy. Although their family wasn’t wealthy, they felt rich with Julius around because he was a great provider, protector and overall great father to Chris and his siblings.

3. Uncle Phil – “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is a classic! Phillip Banks a.k.a Uncle Phil’s relationship with his family was one of a kind. On the show, Uncle Phil was always there to provide for and protect his family – even after he was constantly getting laughed at by Jeffrey and Will. He earned a special place in America’s hearts when he stepped up in Will’s life and embraced him as his own making him one of our favorites!

4. Pops – “The Wayans Brothers”

No matter what role John Whiterspoon plays, we will always refer to him as Pops. Pops is the stable for black fathers in Hollywood and is known for playing the dad in movies and shows like “Friday”, “Boomerang” and “The Wayans Brothers”. Pops’ signature phrase, of course, is “bang bang bang” and he always makes sure to throw it in a couple priceless on screen father-son moments with his TV sons. Gotta love Pops!

5. Flex Alexander – “One on One”

When Breanna came to live with her superstar dad, Flex Alexander, it looked like a disaster just waiting to happen. Flex was a former basketball player who loved to party and Breanna was a teenager who was ready to explore. Flex had a tough time adjusting from the life of a bachelor to a full time dad, but turned his life around for his daughter. Flex and Breanna’s father daughter relationship is one for the books!

6. Frank Mitchell – “Moesha”

Frank Mitchell was also a great TV dad. Although he had a dark secret that he kept from his family for years, he eventually came clean and did everything in his power to make things right with Moesha and the rest of his family. Frank Mitchell taught us that no family is perfect and everybody makes mistakes but family is forever and love is unconditional.

7. Ray Campbell – “Sister Sister”

Ray Campbell didn’t know he would be getting a two for one deal in the form of twin girls when he adopted Tamera as a baby on the “Sister Sister” series. After he accepted Tamera’s twin sister Tia as his daughter as well, he became even more loved as a TV dad! He was careful to make sure that the girls had an awesome father in their lives and helped them grow into reputable women, both on and off camera.

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