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Black women are finding comfort in adding houseplants to their home décor. For us, having a plant is more than just a design preference but another way we can increase our overall wellness. Recently, I purchased a hanging pothos plant, and it is thriving near my bedroom window. 

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, having houseplants promotes overall wellness by reducing stress, improving air quality, and even provides us with the ingredients to create plant-based products. Plants like aloe vera rose bushes or mint leaves can all be grown indoors and used in our natural hair or skin-care routines.

 Like most new plant-moms, I believed the myth that if my plant died, then I did not have the famous “green-thumb” my grandmother used to brag about. Over timeI learned that was not the case. Every plant is different and takes time to figure out what it prefers. Once you know how much sunshine, water, or care your plants need, it is easier to maintain their growth. 

Whether you got a plant as a gift or you are eager to start taking better care of yourself, investing in a houseplant is one of the ways to rejuvenate both your mental and physical space. Here are some plant-moms you can follow for guidance on how to grow your indoor jungle.


1. The Bloom Journey

Niya, also known as Lily, practices self-care through plant care. Every Tuesday, she takes to Instagram to host ‘Tea with Plants” where she talks about the best ways to care for specific plants while trying new tea blends. Scroll by her Instagram today to see for yourself.

2. Plant Kween

This Brooklyn-based plant store caters to those who live in smaller spaces by providing the best recommendations, tools, and support to ensure plants continue to bloom. Our Black femme queen recently collaborated with Horti, an indoor plant subscription brand that delivers the perfect plant right to your door.

3. Introvert N the City

Plant-mom and Editor here at Hello Beautiful like to keep plants around because she believes they nurture her heart chakra. Taking care of them has become a huge part of her spiritual journey. Check out her Instagram to find out more.

4. Hot Plant Mom

Rae started buying plants to decorate her new 400 square feet apartment in Brooklyn, New York. Slowly they became part of her self-care routine. Her website launched last May during Covid 19 when many of us were missing the outdoors. Thankfully, Rae was already a plant mom and decided to share her plant babies with the world.


5. Brown Skin Plant Mama

This plant mama started plant therapy for kids under her Brown Skin Plant Mama brand. The program teaches children grades PS-8th life skills using plant care. It also includes plant gifting and gardening components. 


6. Soil Vibes

Shana’s home has many aloe vera plants that she uses to make under-eye-serum and other plant-based products. “I have had natural hair for ten years, so I am always creating a new concoction instead of buying conditioner, I just snap the leaves off my aloe plant and make my own.”


7. Flaca

Trish is the host and owner of the HorticultureHeaux podcast, where she chats about plants, beauty, and overall growth. Growing up, she watched her mother practice gardening as she cultivated and maintained each plant. Once Trish moved out on her own, she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps. 


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