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Source: Josh Wilde / Legend Skin Care

Last week, our favorite Hottie served natural beauty realness on “The Gram.” In the photo’s caption the Houston-born rapper asked her over 19 million followers to share the names of some black-owned skincare brand. Meg also shared, “haven’t been wearing foundation lately because my hyperpigmentation is getting better.” obviously, the products she has tried are working well because her skin looks as smooth and a baby bottom.

If you’ve never heard of or dealt with hyperpigmentation, it is dark spots caused by an excess melanin production and it can sometimes be a nightmare to deal with. While everyone can suffer from the condition, women of color are significantly more prone to it. People like our Houston Hottie who suffer from hyperpigmentation experience sun damage, inflammation, and acne scars, the clusters of flat, dark patches and uneven texture are wildly stubborn when it comes to fading on darker skin. Which is why finding the right skincare products and forming a routine is vital.

Check out a few of our favorite black-owned skincare brands that will cleanse, hydrate, tone, moisturize, and be proactive in reducing the affects of hyperpigmentation.

1. Legend Skin Care

Legend for Skin Care is a luxury skincare brand dedicated to offering quality, self-care products for skin of all types. The company was started by owner Alessica Pryor who struggled with acne and hyperpigmentation while searching for a solution she was inspired to create her own skincare line.

2. Donata Skin Food

Donata’s products are made to not only nourish your skin but also to transform your mind. The essential oils used in each product is carefully selected to either rejuvenate the mind or give you complete relaxation. Nourish your skin and mind with natural, vegan skin-loving ingredients.

3. Face Front Skin & Spa

The Face Front Face Lift uses Heated Massage and Phototherapy, a therapeutic technique that uses wavelengths of light to treat skin issues, such as wrinkles, scars & persistent wounds. It increases natural hydration levels, reduces redness, inflammation, regulates sebum production, improves circulation & accelerates skin repair.

4. The Caramel Girl

After suffering from Eczema, owner Tamica began to make her own products. Today, The Caramel Girl Collection offers a vast array of Body Butters, Soap Bars, Body Scrubs, Soy Candles, and Hair Formula.  All products are hand made and infused with She Butter along with other natural oils. 

5. SkinnSation Beauty

Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin. All treatments begin with a complimentary skincare assessment so that Skinnsation’s skincare professionals can offer truly customized care, that services the unique characteristics of each skin type.

6. Doctor Coily

What began as a desire to create a hair oil that would make her hair stronger and healthier, grew into a passion. This passion helped Dr. San create Doctor Cioly, a brand that helps women that struggle with weakness, dryness, and breakage. I wanted to formulate an oil that would help in the prevention of breakage due to constant manipulation and heat, but that would also make my hair stronger while maintaining the thickness.

7. Nuekie

Crafted specifically for people of color, Nuekie is an innovative brand of health and beauty products are scientifically formulated with a unique combination of traditional African medicine and cutting edge science.