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1. Do Not Try This At Home

Do Not Try This At Home

You’ll more than likely end up in a neck brace and trying to reattach your tracks.

2. Beyonce’s Hair Works It, Even When She Hulahoops

Beyonce's Hair Works It, Even When She Hulahoops

I know you’re probably not looking at her hair right now, but challenge yourself. I know you can do it!

3. Golden Girl

Golden Girl

I’m sure Beyonce’s hair is where all her secret powers live. Look at these golden tresses!

4. About That One Pesky Curl…

About That One Pesky Curl...

Nevermind. It’s perfect.

5. Even Beyonce’s Hair Gets Excited

Even Beyonce's Hair Gets Excited

Wouldn’t you too if you were this close to her?!

6. The Ponytail Toss

The Ponytail Toss

It wouldn’t be an Ode to Bey’s hair without a good old fashioned ponytail toss!

7. Her Curls Breathe

Her Curls Breathe

Look closely. You know you see it.

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