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1. I’ll Have A Salad

Eating healthy is no easy fete. It’s so effortless to indulge in our favorite comfort foods and say we’ll get to the gym tomorrow. From Chicken & Waffles to juicy cheeseburgers, the calories start to add up and our waistline pays the price. Not anymore! What if I told you there was a way to indulge in your fave fattie meals, without the hefty calories?

You can turn your faves into a salad! Check out a few here!

2. Pad Thai Salad

Many people think that Pad Thai is one of the healthiest choices when eating out. However, the average Pad Thai calorie count is 900+! WHOA! In order to fully enjoy these yummy flavors, it may be best to eat them as a salad.

Check out the recipe here:

3. Chicken & Waffles Salad

No, there are no waffles in the salad! There’s not even dressing. But with the real Chicken & Waffles weighing in at 1000+ calories, it’s beneficial to find another way to indulge. With sweet oven-fried chicken and mangoes to dress your greens, you’ll swear you’re having the real thing!

Check out the recipe:

4. Cheeseburger Salad

There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a juicy cheeseburger! However, the 300 plus calories that many of our favorite burgers give us, is often not worth it. Once you add all the fixin’s, your calorie count goes through the roof.

Check out how to make it into a yummy salad!

5. Pizza Salad

Who doesn’t love pizza? However, we can’t go around eating it with wreckless abandon because before you know it, your pants no longer button with ease. With each slide starting at 250+ calories (and 3 slices later), it’s best to enjoy responsibly.

Check out this amazing pizza salad recipe that you CAN eat everyday:

6. Macaroni Salad

Are you thinking–there’s no way to make the savory and amazing dish that is macaroni and cheese into a salad. You’re wrong! Where there’s cheese, noodles and greens, there’s a way! In just one cup of mac & cheese, you’re allowing 250+ calories into your body. That’s not good, but you know what is? Macaroni Salad (and not the mayo-heavy kind)!

Check out the recipe here:

7. BLT Salad

BLT’s are quite the yummy sandwich, but if you took away the bread and made it into a salad, you’d realize that you’re always going to want to have your BLT without the bread! There are 550+ calories in a BLT. WHOA! Good thing you can skip all those and still enjoy a BLT!

Check out the recipe here:

8. Buffalo Wing Salad

It’s so easy to eat more buffalo wings than you should! Between the sauce and the juicy chicken wings, I just can’t get enough. Remixing the buffalo wing by putting them on a salad will change the way you eat hot wings! There’s 80+ calories in 1 chicken wing and we all know we don’t eat just one! Here’s a guilt free way of enjoying those finger-lickin’ good wings!

Check out the recipe:

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