1. Gummy Skulls

These skull shaped gummies are perfect for your next Halloween party or frightening festivity. Sure to creep out any living soul! Check these out on!

2. Chocolate Rocks

These classic milk chocolate multi-colored chocolate rocks are an amazing favor for any event. Designed to look like small river rocks but are actually chocolate! Check these out on!

3. Ultimate Malted Milk Balls

Malted milk balls coated with a layer of dark chocolate, then a layer of milk chocolate, then a layer of white chocolate, and finally marbled! Check these out on!

4. Gummy Brains

Increase your brain matter by munching down these freaky anatomically-correct gummy brains! Ever chew on a cerebrum? These delicious gummies have nice colors and detail, with a good left-brain/right-brain distinction. They’re soft and very fragrant, with a fruity berry flavor. Improve your intelligence with a huge bag of these candy neuron clusters. The frontal lobe is especially delicious. On!

5. Gummy Teeth

You’ll no longer have to worry about getting cavities when you replace your teeth with these delicious gummy ones. Check these out on!

6. Halloween Gummy Worms

These fall colored gummy worms really bring in the spirit of Fall. Beautiful fall colors and yummy flavors including black cherry, lemon, and orange will really make your taste buds tingle. Check these out on!

7. Gummy Moustache

Show off your ‘stache with these fruity flavored gummy mustaches. Now you and all your friends can sport a charming mustache anytime. These fruity treats are great for mustache-themed parties, or just having a little fun at home. They’re also delicious so feel free to take a bite! Check these out on!

8. Gummy Pumpkins

Delicious and chewy gummy pumpkins make a great treat for everyone! Check these out on!

9. Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels

Peanut butter was everyone’s favorite treat from childhood! Mini pretzel pouches filled with peanut butter? Yes please! These are two classic tastes all in one. Check these out on!

10. Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Pretzels

Calling all pumpkin lovers!’s pumpkin spice yogurt pretzels are a sweet and crunchy treat you’ll want to enjoy all-year-round. These mini pretzels are generously coated in a delicious, sweet pumpkin spice yogurt. These pumpkin spice yogurt pretzels fulfill both sweet and salty cravings, making them the ultimate snack with a pumpkin twist. Check these out on!

11. Hunkey Dorey Pumpkin Mix

Crunchy and buttery caramel coated popcorn sprinkled with glazed almonds and pecans. Check these out on!

12. Bear Crunsh Popcorn

Butter caramel popcorn lightly sprinkled with almonds, cashews, and chocolate coated popcorn and nuts. Check these out on!

13. Caramel Puffs

These delicious snacks have the texture of cheese puffs but instead are coated with a light layer of caramel, resulting in great crispy, crunchy snack. They are so addictive we could eat them all day! Check these out on!

14. Fall Yogurt Pretzels

Delicious yogurt covered pretzels drizzled with beautiful fall colors. These look and taste great! Check these out on!

15. Cinnamon Honey Grahams

Classic cinnamon graham crackers in the shape of a pretzel. This is a unique and delicious snack that you’ll fall in love with. Check these out on!

16. Amoretti Cookies & Cream and Graham Cracker Cookie Spreads

These Amoretti cookie spreads are silky, creamy, perfectly balanced and made from superior ingredients. Dip favorite fruits into the delicious spreads, mix a dollop into a yogurt, or spread onto toast. Simply spoon them out of the jar for a delightful treat. Available in two flavors: Cookies & Cream and Graham Cracker.

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