1. Yum Voyage!

For those foodies looking for an excuse to travel this spring, CheapOair is offering up five cities around the globe known for some very delectable dishes. From the ultimate paella dish filled with fresh seafood and a variety of different meats to Chicago’s oven baked, cheesy, thick crusted deep dish pizza, any food aficionado interested in expanding their palate, will want to indulge in these signature specialties!

2. Ceviche: Lima, Peru

Who knew something as simple as raw fish marinated in citrus juices, spiced with aji (hot peppers) and plated with fresh avocado and potatoes could be so good. There’s no explanation for the savory and fresh taste that Peru’s neighboring South American countries try to imitate, but cannot replicate the perfection that is the Peruvian Ceviche.

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3. Deep Dish Pizza: Chicago, USA

Native New Yorkers may love their thin, greasy slices, but everyone should have an appreciation for Chicago-style pizza. Get ready for some serious carb-consuming with three inch thick crust served with lots of cheese and chunky tomato sauce. Is it a pie or a pizza? Who cares- it’s delicious!

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4. Poutine: Montreal, Canada

Dear Canada- Thank you for making the perfect dish that is borderline fast food and classic. Composed of a light gravy sauce and cheese curds freshly melted over French fries, Poutine is nicknamed “a big mess.” Its Quebec inventor was told to put curds on the fries and to use the gravy to keep the dish warm.

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5. Loco Moco: Hawaii, USA

While the name may make you giggle, Loco moco is quintessential Hawaiian cuisine. Loco wasn’t added to the name because it’s crazy, but because its a slang term for “local.” The moco was added only because it rhymed. What’s in a Loco Moco? White rice topped with a hamburger patty, fried egg and ground gravy is your typical Hawaiian meal.

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6. Paella: Valencia, Spain

One may think it’s Spain’s national dish, but Valencians take their credit where it’s due. This flavorful dish is paradise in a pan; white rice and vegetables with a variety of chicken, rabbit meat, duck, beans and fresh seafood. Its presentation is simply marvelous.

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