1. Angela Bassett x VIOLET GREY

In her new editorial on Violet Grey titled, “Angela Bassett: Getting Dressed with The Emmy-Nominated Actress on the Art of Preparing for the Red Carpet,” Angela redefines beautiful!

Check it out.

2. On what she sees when she looks in the mirror:

“A passionate woman who knows what she loves and has been blessed to be able to do it… and continue to do it!”

3. On getting dressed for a night out alone (without her team):

“Well, it only takes me about 10 minutes! I start thinking about it in the car on the way home. Do I want to be flirty? Sensual? Powerful? Then I try to dress for that feeling. My husband [actor Courtney B. Vance] always says ‘Lord, you’ve made something out of nothing, how did you do that?’

4. On her greatest weakness:

“Love… and sugar”

5. On acting:

“When great actor does their job they’re leaving a part of their soul in the room. It takes a little out of you, but that’s okay. Life will take a little out of you, love will take a little out of you, we’re talking about demonstrating the best and the worst of the human experience.”

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