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1. That Time This Woman’s Wig Fell Off

She didn’t think this could happen though?

2. That Time This Dude Got Raped By Ice Water

How the hell did this happen?

3. That Time The Bucket Was Too Heavy

That’s a big a** bucket…

4. That Time This Guy Was Just Doing Too Much

It’s called the bucket challenge for a reason!

5. That Time This Woman Should Have Known Better

Apparently, the horse is the only one in the video with sense.

6. That Time She She Thought Floaties Would Save Her

Miss, you’re better than this.

7. That Time This Happened

Slippery when wet…

8. That Time These Besties Tried To Do Their Challenge Together

Who’s idea was this?

9. That Time This Woman’s Bathing Suit Top Gave Up

She should have known better.

10. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge FAIL Compilation 2014

Can you believe there’s more? Watch this 10-minute video of #ALSIceBucketChallenge fails!

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