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Despite the popular phrase, “Black don’t crack,” our skin requires upkeep to our maintain our glow, which means we being selective about the products you use on your face during the summer months. And if you’re a naturalista, you’re equally as cautious about what you put in your hair. Whether you’re talking about skin or hair, both beauty regimens include, cleansing, moisturizing or hydrating, treating and styling. From cleansers to scrubs to the perfect foundation and lippie, here’s nine Black-owned beauty products to treat your entire being.

We like to spend our coin with Black businesses, so here’s nine you too can support the next time you hit the purchase button.

1. Black Girl Sunscreen- $18.99

Black Girl Sunscreen Source:Courtesy of BlackGirlSunscreen.com

Yes, Black women need to wear sunscreen and luckily, there’s a sunscreen just for us. Black Girl Sunscreen is a 30 SPF sunscreen that will keep your outer layer protected during your daily routines.

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2. BeautyStat Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream – $50

BeautyStat Source:BeautyStat

This Black-owned moisturizer will leave your skin hydrated without the greasy leftover. Frequently paired with BeautyStat’s Universal C Skin Refiner, this white cream contains hyaluronic acid, ceramides and pomegranate sterols, a ferment ganoderma and probiotic bifida extract.

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When it comes to the most luscious and luxurious lip formula, Pat Mcgrath’s matterance lipstick outshines the competition by a long run. Hence its glamorous name. Save for special occasions and be the center of the room with your smile.

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4. Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer, FENTY BEAUTY – $30

Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer, FENTY BEAUTY by Rhianna Source:Fenty

What would a must-have beauty list be without some Fenty Beauty from Rihanna?! Sis has the glow game on lock. This long wear bronzer comes in eight shades. Are you feeling like a Mocha Mami or Bajan Girl?

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5. Honey Pot Refreshing Panty Spray – $7.99

Honey Pot Panty Spray Source:HONEY POT

It’s summertime, which means your lady part’s are just as hot as you and they want relief. Honey Pot’s refreshing panty spray is the perfect Black-owned product to keep you fresh while enjoying some fun in the sun.

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6. Vanessa Simmons Bon Bon Body Scrub – $20

Vanessa Simmons Bon Bon Body Scrub Source:Bon Bon Scrub

Vanessa Simmons launched her beauty and skin care line with this Bon Bon Body Scrub and it lives up to the hype. This scrub from Sugar Me Skin Care will leave your skin soft to the touch while providing a natural glow. It makes for a sweet shower experience.

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7. AJ Crimson AJC DUAL SKIN # 4.5 – $45

AJ Crimson AJC DUAL SKIN # 4.5 Source:AJCrimson.com

Looking for a light but reliable foundation to keep up with your changing complexion this summer? AJ Crimson specializes in shades for us. Each pan of his impressive foundation is hand poured and lasts up to 18 hours. His formula is great for oily and combination skin and with the sun you’ll need some oil control.

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8. Rosen Skincare FADE ROUTINE MID – $70

Rosen Skincare FADE ROUTINE MID Source:rosenskincare.com

Looking to implement a new skin care routine, but don’t know where to start? This kit from Rosen Skincare figured out the basics for you and packaged it in one cool iridescent kit. The FADE ROUTINE MID contains cleanser, toner, serum, face dew, mask and enzyme scrub.

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9. Brush with the Best by Felicia Leatherwood – $13

Brush with the Best by Felicia Leatherwood Source:felicialeatherwood.com

Felicia Leatherwood is the natural hair mastermind behind some of Issa Rae’s best natural looks. And she made a brush for all of us so we can be great like Issa. This detangling brush will make wash day so much easier as its flexible design gets those kinks out your coils. 

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