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1. Eye Candy: Super Bowl 2014 Hotties

While everyone will be glued to their televisions, analyzing every football move during the Super Bowl on Sunday, #TeamBeautiful is only here for the hotties that’ll be flying down the field. We’ve rounded up the hot players we’ll be eyeing from both the Seahawks and the Broncos. No matter who wins, these players have already captured our heart.

Wake us up during the final touchdown…

2. Seahawks: Christine Michael

Running back Christine Michael stays cool on and off the field. We can’t get enough of those arms, though!

3. Seahawks: Derrick Coleman

Fullback Derrick Coleman is obviously a great athlete if he’s playing in the Super Bowl, but that smile? That’s good every time.

4. Seahawks: Doug Baldwin

Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin has a sweet smile and a humble spirit to boot.

5. Seahawks: Kam Chancellor

We always love to see our favorite cute athletes off field, and if Seahawks’ Strong Safety Kam Chancellor’s Instagram is any indication of his looks, we’d love to see what he’s like away from football. Follow him for yourself @bambamkam..

6. Seahawks: Jeron Johnson

Strong Safety Jeron Johnson knows how to catch a football, but could he catch us when we fall for him? **sighs**

7. Broncos: Ronnie Hillman

Running back Ronnie Hillman knows he’s kind of irresistible…and, can we blame him?

8. Broncos: Demaryius Thomas

We’re always here for a man in sweats. Even though Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas will be decked out in his full uniform, a girl can think of all the possibilities..

9. Broncos: Kevin Vickerson

Defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson may be tough on the field, but this pic of him kissing his little sons Vickerson, Jr. shows his sensitive side. Nothing’s hotter than a cutie who can show some love. **swoons**

10. Broncos: Andre Caldwell

Wide receiver Andre Caldwell illustrates the sexy art of a good running pose.

11. Broncos: Wesley Woodyard

Middle linebacker Wesley Woodyard is ready to get into the game…and we’re just as ready to see him.

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