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We can’t get enough of the “Tia & Tamera” on the Style Network. The ladies are fun, engaging and we can’t reiterate how refreshing it is watching them navigate through their family and careers. With “Tia & Tamera” making its debut on the Style Network for another season, we decided to countdown our favorite moments from the previous seasons.

Be sure to tune in to the premiere of the new season at 8pm on Sunday on the Style Network. Check out our 10 best “Tia & Tamera” moments in the meantime.

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1. 10. Baby Cree Gives His Input

Tia’s baby boy Cree is her best critic. In fact, when he isn’t balancing eating cheerios in his high chair and toying with his rattle, he serves as a great personal stylist!

2. 9. Tamera’s Diva Demands

Never deprive a pregnant woman food, or any of her other demands! Tamera made it very clear what happens when a woman with child doesn’t get what she wants!

3. 8. First Family Photos

When Tamera wasn’t being labeled a “diva,” she and her husband Adam put their good looks to use for their first family photo shoot. How romantic.

4. 7. Face Your Fears

The great thing about a good significant other is that they elevate you. Tamera’s husband pushed her to face her fears and that’s what marriage is about!

5. 6. Tia’s Big Chop

A woman’s hair is her glory (so they say). But that didn’t stop Tia from trying something new and chopping off her long tresses. We admire her courage! And she looked amazing.

6. 5. Jerome’s Studio Time

Did you know Tia and Tamera can sing? Well, the identical twins share a lot of similarities, vocals being one of them! In this clip Tamera revealed to her friend that she was in a singing group when she was younger.

7. 3. Twin-Dependence

Just because they look exactly alike, doesn’t mean Tia and Tamera don’t have plenty of differences.

8. 2. Tamera Meets Napa Doctor

Giving birth is a scary and exciting process. It is essential that one feel safe with her doctor. Needless to say, feeling comfortable with the person who you place the life of your newborn in, is important!

9. 1. Tamera Babysits Cree

Before Tamera gave birth to her own son, she had plenty of babysitting experience with her sister’s first born Cree. Watching the two interactive is a definite “aww” moment.

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