4 different nail colors of Pear Nova’s BRWNGRLMGC Gel Collection


Pear Nova’s BRWNGRLMGC Gel Collection

By: Tatayana Yomary

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4 different nail colors of Pear Nova’s BRWNGRLMGC Gel Collection

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Let’s be honest: waiting for your polish to dry is so yesterday. Gel nail polish reigns supreme in bringing vibrant manicures to life without the hassle of holding your hands still. A gel manicure can make your melanin-rich skin-pop and serve as a wardrobe accent to elevate your style. While there is a myriad of nail polish brands on the market, Black-owned brands continue to reign supreme by providing superior wearability on all fronts. Pear Nova’s BRWNGRLMGC Gel Collection is our obvious pick for the best gel polish.

Known as the brainchild of entrepreneur Rachel James, this luxurious gel nail polish collection is the true epitome of the perfect neutral shade. The collection features four gorgeous hues: Frida Be Free (beige creme), Dianna Boss (nude creme), Cleo F*ckin Patra ( olive brown shimmer), and Michelle Our Mama (medium oak creme). These shades make it oh-so-easy for brown and Black girls to achieve an understated, yet eye-catching mani  — sans the washed-out look.

Aside from offering a break-, chip-, and fade-free manicure, this collection is vegan and cruelty-free. Plus, this collection (and every offering on Pear Nova’s roster) is 10-free, which means that the polishes are free of the most common harmful chemicals formulated in many traditional offerings — from camphor to formaldehyde resin. In essence, the brand makes it a point to put your nail health and overall well-being first.

To get the ball rolling, start by coating your nails with Pear Nova’s Gel Base. Apply a thin coat of your desired nude shade and cure under an LED or UV lamp for one minute. Repeat the process. Finish up with a coat of Pear Nova’s Clearly Gel Top Coat and voila! It’s time to flex your handiwork. The Pear Nova BRWNGRLMGC Gel Collection comes with a $50 sticker price. So, it gives you more bang for your buck compared to bi-weekly salon trips. Plus, it allows you to put your coins back into the Black community, where they belong. The days of visiting your nail tech for a manicure are over!

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