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Celebrity husbands of 2010 were plagued by scandal and controversy. However, most of the time, it was their fault, so don’t feel too bad.

From cheating on their wives with employees, friends of the family, porn stars and Hollywood starlets, celebrity husbands couldn’t keep their passion in their pants or their wedding vows in tact.

Here are the top 5 worst husbands of 2010:

5. Dwayne Wade

Though he and Gabrielle Union were first spotted spending the holidays together last year, it was in 2010 that we finally heard from his estranged wife Siovaughn. At first, she took the high road, refusing to point fingers and claiming that the demise of their marriage was both of their faults. But things took a turn for the worst. During divorce filings, Dwyane publicly asked that his ex-wife undergo a psychological examination, claiming she was “unbalanced.” Ouch. Haven’t you hurt her enough by parading around with your new girl while still married?

4. Tony Parker

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria’s marriage came to end so abruptly, everyone suspected that something dramatic must have occurred. Sure enough, within days of their “he said, she said” battle over who filed for divorce first, the truth came out. Tony, who reportedly cheated once in the beginning of their three-year marriage, had secretly been having a relationship with another woman via text. And that’s not all – it turns out she was the wife of one of his former teammates! So Tony, technically, ruined two marriages. Another mistress of his eventually came forward, as well.

3. Tiki Barber

Two days after Tiki and his wife of 11 years Ginny announced their divorce, news surfaced that he had dumped her for another woman. What added fuel to the fire was that 1) she was a younger woman, 2) a former intern of his, and 3) they began their relationship while Ginny was 8 months pregnant with Tiki’s twins. To make it worse, Tiki refused to hand over any money to his ex-wife in court, claiming he was too “broke.” Soon after, he went public with his new girlfriend at a party in New York.

2. The-Dream

Who could forget the infamous photos of The-Dream frolicking on the beach with a woman that was not his wife Christina Milian? No one had even heard that the couple was separating, so the physical evidence came as a bit of a surprise to us, as well as Christina. Turns out, the woman was The-Dream’s assistant, someone Christina knew well enough to take a picture with. To make matters worse, The-Dream filed for divorce days before their daughter Violet’s birth, and it was reported that he was mentally controlling and abusive.

1. Tiger Woods

Need we say more? Though it was in 2009 that Tiger left his house barefoot and jumped into his SUV before crashing it into a fire hydrant and tree, we didn’t uncover his long list of mistresses until this year. Callgirl Loredana Jolie said he was a freak in bed, porn star Joslyn James released their private text messages, and another adult actress Devon James claimed she had a sex tape. Waitress Mindy Lawton claimed they had sex on a kitchen floor, a woman named Theresa Rogers said that they had a secret lovechild, his mistress Rachel Uchitel ended up on “Celebrity Rehab,” and another woman, Jamie Jungers, is currently on a quest to becoming the ideal woman via tons of plastic surgery. All in all, Tiger’s divorce payout to wife Elin cost him $110 million.

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