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Ayesha Curry goes just as hard in the paint as her man, whether its sticking it to Cleveland fans during this year’s NBA championship; whipping up seemingly effortlessly meals with panache for her family; raising the willfully beautiful girlchild known as Riley; or running her lifestyle and cooking blog, This Little Light Of Mine.

Like many “basketball wives,” Ayesha is a fixture at Steph’s games (as is their adorable bambina Riley, who definitely put her stamp on America’s heart with her super-cute antics). Ayesha, who met her husband at their North Carolina church in their teens, says today that it is their faith that binds them.

“It’s the foundation for everything that I do, really. It’s not so much that about the religion, it’s more so just about the relationships that I have with God and making sure that I pass that on to my kids. With my relationship with my husband, it’s what it’s founded on.”

Ayesha says that because a lot of Steph’s practice and games are scheduled on Sunday, a lot of times the family will watch a live stream of their North Carolina homechurch from their home computer or TV, a modern but effective way to keep their faith strong in a technological age. “It just keeps us honest and moral, and I love it. That’s the way we grew up.”

Speaking of growing up, Ayesha, who spent some of her formative years in Toronto (yes, she does have a connection to Drake – her cousin is his personal assistant), says that growing up, her unique name was a source a little bit of angst. Like many with non-cookie-cutter names (even President Obama has talked about this), it took her some time to embrace her moniker, though now she says she loves it.

“I think growing up that’s one thing that I struggled with, in all honesty. It was very different at the time,” she says. “I used to cry to my parents and say, why couldn’t you name me Nicole? They just looked at me.”

“My dad is a musician, he was a producer back in the day,” she explains. “He loves Stevie Wonder and there was a song called ‘Isn’t She Lovely,’ and his daughter’s name was Aisha, so he says her name in the song, and my dad fell in love with it.”

The name Ayesha is actually name-checked in quite a few other songs as well, from “Iesha” by ABC and to one she says was the bane of her existence in high school.

“There’s also another funny one on YouTube,” Ayesha admits. “This guy’s singing this song called Aicha, and he’s from somewhere in Europe, I think, and he has this funny little dance with it. In high school I would just get dogged out with that video. Somebody would show it to me at least once a day.”

In the last year, Ayesha launched her website Little Lights Of Mine, a series of funny vlogs featuring her family, spiced with cooking demonstrations and recipes for modern moms and budding chefs. Although Ayesha loves to cook and entertain, she said there was a more personal reason for doing the site.

“After having my daughter, I kind of made a career change, and so I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do where I could be home with her and still have something for myself,” says Ayesha. “My main reason for doing all of this, is that I felt like at the time being a mom and being a wife wasn’t considered cool, and maybe it was a little bit looked down upon.”

“So I decided to start the blog just as a place where I could share all of my recipes, because that’s what I do, I love to cook. I figured, why not try and make a career out of it?”

In addition to recipes like fresh baked bread, or fast, nutritious “protein packs” for little ones, Curry also launched a few products including olive oil and adorable waterproof aprons (currently sold out on the site) for both cooks and their offspring.

Ayesha’s favorite chefs (Chef Curry from the Drake song “0 to 100” not withstanding) give her endless inspiration, taking cues from cooking shows of favorite chefs Giada de Laurentiis, Ina Garten aka The Barefoot Contessa, and Debi Mazar’s Extra Virgin on the Cooking Channel, which she does with her husband.

This year for her birthday, Ayesha’s husband Steph Curry presented her with a very unique gift. “For my birthday back in March, my husband surprised me with my dream stove. It’s a La Cornue range,” she says of the century-old handmade appliances shipped all the way from France. “The French, they take their time, so we’re still waiting for it. But I cannot wait to see it. I might pass out.”

The stove is expected to arrive right around the same time Curry baby number 2 is coming on the set, an auspicious July indeed. Ayesha says Riley is super excited for her sibling, who should arrive at almost three years to the day she was born.

“I’m just so much more tired than I was the first time around, which guess is self-explanatory because I’m sure you guys saw what a handful she is,” says Ayesha. “It’s like that all day long,” she says of the golden haired toddler.

Yes, the Curry family is rapidly expanding, but Ayesha does have some advice (solicited —we asked) for young couples today:

“The advice I’d have is to make sure that regardless of what’s going on individually in your lives, make sure you come together in the evenings and pray together, or just talk about your day,” she says. “I think communication is just key, and I feel like especially today, with social media and the internet, there’s a lot of distance between people. Make sure you make time for each other as often as you can.”

Indeed, God the comedian has lavished so much attention on her family these days, Ayesha says that she is grateful, but the timing is a little rough.

“It’s so funny, because my blog and my YouTube channel have grown so much in the past month, but I’m just so pregnant, it’s hard to keep up,” she says with a laugh. “It’s so ironic.”

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