Best In Black

Project IMPACCT is offering $10,000 grants to help businesses thrive.

At 13-years-old, Gabby Goodwin made six figures by the sixth grade with her adorable invention GaBBY Bows.

Businesses dependent on person to person contact have suffered a huge loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re in the haircare, skincare on nail care industries, then the mandated closures have made it difficult to stay afloat. If no business is coming in, how can shop owners pay rent and continue to pay their employees? […]

Assemblywoman Angela McKnight and financial educator Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche worked together to draft and advocate a financial literacy bill that would give kids a fighting chance at the future.

When Cali rapper Saweetie enters a building – watch how money moves get made. The Icy Grl, who is strictly about her business drops straight jewels in this powerful clip. Exclusively shot for HelloBeautiful, Episode 6 of Money Moves, powered by McDonald’s, shows how Saweetie is slowly reshaping the Hip-Hop culture by empowering women to […]

Disruptor. The igniter of new possibilities. Transformational coach and speaker Lisa Nichols speaks loud and clear in HelloBeautiful’s powerful Money Moves episode, brought to you by McDonald’s. In this touching piece, Nichols shares how consistency and being coachable has helped build her brand. She also voices how self-love and self-care is the true definition of […]

Step into the zone with Alison Stroming, the beautiful ballerina who exudes sheer confidence in HelloBeautiful’s exclusive series – Money Moves with Alison Stroming, powered by McDonald’s. Filled with empowering tips from the woman who once considered herself shy, in this beautifully shot segment, Alison soars. Not short on the message, Alison gracefully illustrates the […]

HelloBeautiful’s latest project Money Moves, powered by McDonald’s, features top celebrity stylist, designer, and motivational speaker, Ty Hunter, who shares how a Texas boy with a passion for fashion turned a dream into a career. Jet-setting around the world styling celebrities is only part of his portfolio. Spreading positivity via the ‘Gram is another. Destined […]


As the constant push and spotlight angles for more black faces in diverse industries such as science and technology, there are also a host of success stories to inspire the next generation. Valeisha Butterfield Jones is all about being economically empowered to help others. As the Global Head of Women and Black Community Engagement for […]

For entrepreneur, fashionista, writer, speaker and all around fly Black woman Tai Beauchamp, making “money moves” isn’t just about the dollar. In fact, it’s about empowering herself and other young women to live their best lives. We caught up with her in her element, where she shared some serious wisdom with us – namely that […]