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2012 was quite the year for the boss lady. For the past 12 months, you, me and countless other women in our networks have been talking about the bold accomplishments of fearless women from a variety of backgrounds and professional fields. We witnessed Mellody Hobson take over the board of DreamWorks Animation. We watched Gabby […]


Resumes and job hunting go hand in hand, it has been that way for years. However, when it comes to having a career (not just a job) it may be time for you to cast your resume in a supporting role and leave the lead to your own storytelling skills. See, a good resume is […]


If your 20s are all about figuring out what you want to be, then your 30’s are all about figuring out where you need to be– literally.  The phrase “working the room” is often used in reference to the professional networking behavior of meeting, greeting, and connecting with as many people in a room as […]

It was a Friday night in Detroit. (I know, just keep reading) Me and the homie decided to take in a bit of the nightlife in ‘the D’. (I KNOW! Just stay with me on this one) So, there I was.  Standing in the middle of a packed “club” (in my head I just used […]