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I’m hearing that there’s DRAMA on Chilli’s new reality show “What Chilli Wants.” Sources are saying that Chilli and her co-star matchmaker Tionna Smalls have been going at each other.

Here’s what I found out from mediatakeout.com:

During the matchmaking process, Tionna at times voiced her frustration with Chilli. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “Tionna felt that Chilli was being too choosy, and that it was going to be IMPOSSIBLE to find her a man.”

And during the show’s taping, the two ladies repeatedly bumped heads. And since the show stopped taping, the two ladies don’t even speak with each other!!!

Now fast forward to last Friday at a New York radio station, the two ladies saw each other . . . and it nearly POPPED OFF!!! According to one of our snitches at the station, Tionna found out that Chilli was coming in to do promo for the show and she came by to “confront” Chilli.

And Chilli PUNKED OUT!!! Word is that Chilli stayed outside of the station, and refused to enter the building until security escorted Tionna out.

Take a look at these tweets from Tionna, clearly she’s going in on Chilli:


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