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Women everywhere – on screen and off – are flaunting their hippest accessory: a sexy, younger man.

Cougars are gaining in popularity, we even have a reality show starring Vivica Fox geared toward this trend.  What is a cougar? A cougar is a very sophisticated, a very attractive, a very sensually-aware woman, very much in control of her life. She’s got a lot of energy. Today they’re very fit they’re very healthy. They’re very successful, very independent and sophisticated.

So what’s the attraction for these women? Is it simply sexual, thinking that a younger man will have more stamina and satisfy them better? Is it a power thing, do these women enjoy having influence or a ‘mothering’ aspect over their partner? Is it simply female ‘trophy hunting’, are these younger men used as ‘trophy partners’. Maybe such women are trying to prove to themselves that they are still attractive and able to pull young virile men, possibly they have problems accepting their real age. Or is it simply that these women enjoy a loving successful relationship with a man who just happens to be their junior?

I say it’s about time, men have done it forever.

Here’s our top 5 celebrity cougars.

While we’re on the subject of cougars, check out the following:

Whitney at the 2009 Grammy’s.

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