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Does your bedroom look more like Grand Central Station than an oasis of calm? Here are a few simple changes that can help set the stage for a memorable night:

Get rid of the clutter. It’s hard to concentrate on nibbling his ear if you’re distracted by clothes that need folding (you know, the ones hanging off the exercise bike in the corner), or bills that need paying (see that pile of papers about to topple over on the desk?), or the stack of magazines in the corner.

Make your bed comfortable. Outfit your bed with an excellent mattress, box springs and sleeping pillows. Choose sheets that feel good against your skin.

Lighting is crucial in a bedroom, and it should always be soft. If your lights are on dimmer switches, well done — it’ll be easy to turn the lights down low.  Swap out the 60-watt bulbs in your bedside lamps with 40-watters, or even colored bulbs (red or pink) to wash the room with a soft, warm glow. Then bring in some candles and let their flickering light take you to new levels of romance.

Create the mood: If you have a Ipod docking station, clock radio, or get radio reception from your cable or satellite TV, turn on the tunes.  Accessorize the room with flowers, and sprinkle a few rose petals across the bed.

Because it wouldn’t be Valentines’ Day without something sweet, fill a glass bowl with elegantly wrapped chocolates and offers them to your man when the moment seems right.

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