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Why are bridesmaid dresses often so out of fashion that they are usually found in the deep recesses of closets never to be seen again after that one day they were worn? Why are they destined to be one-wear wonders? Here’s an easy way to turn that ruffled dress into a trendy throw pillow courtesy of

Spring is a great time to clean out your closet and add some bright color to your decor. You can do both with this project, which converts an unwanted bridesmaid dress into a trendy ruffled rose pillow.

This pillow:

* does not use a zipper

* and has ruffles that lay flat rather than curve back.

There are two parts to this project – making an envelope pillow cover from the front of the dress and making a ruffle from the back of the dress.

Your first step will be to dismantle the dress. The second step will be to create a long strip of fabric for the ruffle. The third will be to cut out the envelope pillow cover. The fourth step will be to attach the ruffle to the cover. And the final step is to sew up the cover.

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