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Our calendars have a way of quickly becoming overwhelming at this festive time of year. Coping with a demanding schedule and the ensuing stress requires a lot of energy. If you are dragging yourself through your work, family, and other daily commitments each day longing for the moment you can crash in an exhausted heap onto your bed, then take these tips to keep your energy level up!

1. Feel berry energetic

Berries are rich in antioxidants and can also help remove toxic residue from the system, which is often the cause of chronic fatigue and low energy. Berries include blueberries, blackberries, raspberry, cranberry, goji berry, hawthorn berries and cherries.

2. Make the most of magnesium

Every time your body produces energy, your cells’ mitochondria, which are tiny “power generators”, need magnesium. Many people don’t get enough of this essential mineral, because two common dietary habits leach magnesium from our bodies: too much salt and too much dairy. Whole grains are full of magnesium. So are seeds such as pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds. And don’t forget about nuts-especially almonds, Brazil nuts, and cashews. If you prefer capsule form, try taking 500 mg magnesium daily.

Combine the best of berries and nuts by making your own trail mix of dried cranberry, plum, and raisin with any combination of nuts and seeds. It’s an ideal between-meals snack packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and fibers that help sustain energy over a long period of time.

3. Food that fights fatigue

Poor diet is a big contributor to low energy. For steady, robust energy eat foods that are low on the glycemic index, a measurement of how quickly the food you eat converts to glucose, the substance your body needs for energy. Foods with a high glycemic index (HGI), such as bread, pasta, baked potatoes, and most refined grains, give you a quick rush, but fatigue soon sets in when your blood sugar crashes. Foods that are low on the glycemic index help sustain energy over time. That include barley, bulgur, quinoa, amaranth, most nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, chicken, fish, and meat.

Avoid an energy crash by eliminating sugar from your diet, including sodas, sweetened juices, and pastries. Also cut back on rich foods like dairy, meat, fats, sweets, and alcohol. As for when to eat, never skip breakfast or lunch and be sure to eat your last meal no later than 7 p.m. most of the time.

4. Get green energy

Chlorella, spirulina, kelp, wheat grass, barley grass all contain chlorophyll and are high quality protein supplements that enhance long-term energy. Mix a powder of any of the above into water, juice, or green tea for an energetic boost.

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