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akoo1We recently told you about T.I.’s “Akoo” jeans ad that was causing an uproar in New Jersey, well the billboard was finally taken down.

According to reports, the removal took place yesterday afternoon:

This ad was not just explicit, it was demeaning to women. After public pressure, including Barry Carter’s column in the Sunday Star-Ledger, billboard owner CBS Outdoor removed it yesterday. In its place is another, more civilized ad for the same clothing company, rapper T.I.’s Akoo line. (Star-Ledger)

T.I.’s ad may be too sexually suggestive

A statement from Akoo was released shortly after the matter became public.

“The AKOO brand has always aimed to inspire individualism and creativity. Our advertising campaign was not created to offend or insult anyone but to simply provoke dialogue and thought regarding male/female sexuality within urban culture. We hope that as more of the campaign is debuted, people will see the multifaceted personality of AKOO.”

Did Rihanna sex T.I. before he went to jail?

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