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A Decatur man claims he found rapper Trina’s cell phone with nude pics and is now holding it for ransom. According to Trina’s tweets, her cell phone was stolen at an award show.

He leaked the pics to, who of course put them online early this morning. We can’t show you the pics, so if you’re curious you can head on over there to check them out.

At the end of the video, the man, whose voice is disguised electronically, demands $100,000 from Trina to get her cell phone back with all of its contents intact. He also promises, if he doesn’t get the cash, he’ll release a part 2 of this video with photos of Trina’s former lover, Denver Nuggets star Kenyon Martin, smoking weed.

Again, another reason why people should not put their business on their phones!!

“B*tch, we found your phone in Atlanta. You want the phone back, give us a hundred thousand cash… Put it in a PayPal account… mail it to us. We in Decatur, shawty! You already know.”

It gets even betterThe man accuses Trina of transmitting STD’s to rappers such as Souljah Boy, Lil Wayne, Puffy and 50 Cent!!!!

Trina and Kenyon Martin are really over

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WTF!! Trina Beats Up Kenyon!!!