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Singer Monica recently stopped by the Ed Lover show on New York’s Power 105fm and talked about her BFF Keyshia Cole, who is currently 8 months pregnant. According to Monica, Keyshia is extremely in love but very nervous about her upcoming delivery day:

Me and Keyshia Cole are very very close. She’s my youngest child’s godmother, we were always there. We haven’t even talked about [if I’ll be the Godmother] yet. We talk about labor ad delivery and how much its going to hurt–that’s all she is worried about right now. First of all she is extremely in love so that always makes pregnancy feel right. It makes it feel good but I think now she’s getting nervous so we haven’t gotten into the godmother/godfather talk yet.

Ed Lover: Best Advice you’ve given Keyshia about being a mom

My best advice would be to not parent based on the way other people think you should parent. We know what we had or didn’t have so all the things that I wanted for my children, I thought about it before they got here and I wrote the things down that were important to me. Think about the things that you want for them and stop thinking about what the world wants YOU to do with them and be ok with the decisions you make. Married or not, your children were conceived in love. You don’t answer to that. Don’t try to justify the decisions you make. We answer to one person!

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Take a look at the two besties below:

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