Let’s face it we tend to ask ourselves when we see white women with black men, what are they doing that we’re not?Most of us have come to expect a rich black celebrity or athlete to marry a white woman.  From Russell Simmons to Reggie Bush, these men have opted to go white. Reggie Bush and Lamar Odom have become household names and it has nothing to do with their athletic skills, they are famous because they date reality stars Kim and Khloe Kardashian.  There’s a new book called ‘Don’t Bring Home a White Boy’ hitting shelves soon, where attorney and writer Yolanda Young urges black women to take some tips from Kim and Khloe Kardashian and date outside of their race.

We recently came across this article on where Young says that instead of hating, people should look at how the Kardashian sisters have “advanced the careers of their boyfriends.” She suggests that black women should focus their attention on “those who appreciate it,” whether black or otherwise.

Here’s an an excerpt from the article:

Using Black Men

Some have suggested that for as much as Kim and Khloe emote, they are really only exploiting their black men. This is a problematic premise in that it supposes that black men aren’t lovable. Reggie and Lamar are attractive, rich and obedient little puppies. What woman wouldn’t love that? If anything, the sisters, who’ve always had enough money to live in Beverly Hills, drive Bentleys, and eschew traditional work, have historically advanced the careers of their boyfriends. Kim garnered the dubious “Superhead” distinction after a sex video surfaced of her giving a blowjob (among other things) to her then boyfriend Ray J. The tape was perfect timing for Brandy’s little brother, who was fighting gay rumors. As for her current lover, it is unlikely Reggie’s mediocre NFL stats are behind his TV appearances, Got Milk? ad, and magazine profiles. Kim is keeping him relevant. The same can be said of Khloe regarding Lamar. Who outside of Laker fans and sports junkies knew of the forward before his quickie wedding to Khloe?

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Perpetuating the Mandingo Archetype

When George Lopez asked Kim and Khloe, “What’s up with y’all and the black guys?” he was likely hinting at the notion that the Kardashian sisters play up their partners’ sexuality in an effort to play up the black man as stud persona. Historically though, white women, who have sought to use black men in this manner, have done so privately, perhaps taking a trip to the Caribbean or hosting a discreet Mandingo Sex Party. By contrast, the sisters have publicly professed love for and, in the case of Kim, had sex with, their black paramours, even though doing so carries a stigma, perhaps making them, in certain circles, less desirable mates.


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