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With the economy the way it is, who wants to spend money on home improvements? I’ve spent countless weekends trying to upgrade my new apartment, but I have to admit it’s starting to take up ALL of my time. Here are some tips to help you keep your cool from apartmenttherapy.com:

1) Make Your Bed: At the end of the day, it’s nice to have one area that’s clean and ready for you to resort back to. Your bed is (hopefully) the ultimate source of comfort and having it made and ready to climb into can make the giant paint explosion in your kitchen seem oh so far away!

2) Have A Towel Handy: A wet or dry towel can be your best friend during a project and can save you from running to the bathroom to clean up, or can wipe away dust at the flick of a wrist. Knowing where one is without digging through drawers (or your laundry) is a good thing!

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3) Take A Peek In The Fridge: There’s nothing worse than working on an empty stomach, but most of us get in the diy groove and either forget to eat, or keep saying we’ll eat in a minute. The next thing you know, the sun has gone down and you feel a little sick and not like cooking. Taking a quick peek in the fridge will let you know there’s an apple to grab or even a pickle or two that’s handy without pulling out the goods for an all out sandwich.

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