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In this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan magazine there was a story about inter-racial dating which features three couples who gave their take on dating outside of ones race.

It was very interesting that in 2010 we are still exploring this issue, but this is America which was founded on slavery. Therefore racism is still a disease, which we can all hope that one day will disappear. But today it is still an issue…just last week John Mayer was labeled a racist because of a quote that he gave to Playboy magazine when he called his “Penis A White Supremacist” and he also used the “N” word.

All of the recent controversy with Tiger Woods and his affairs with multiple white women which made some black women feel shunned by the golfer. I say, who cares if they do not like black women there are tones of man and yes-even white men, who do not have a penis that discriminates. Keeping in mind that every person is different and dating is not a one size fits type of thing, however here are a couple of tips when dating a white man.

Celebs Speak Out On Interracial Dating; Would You?

1) A bad hair day means nothing to him:People from the same background can be harder on each other, because they feel a sense on camaraderie. Men from another racial background, especially white men, seem to be more accepting of a bad hair day.  However, on the other hand, black men will be more forgiving if you happen to gain a little weight. The money that you save on the weekly trips to the salon will just have to be re-purposed for a trainer because slim and trim is the desired look.

2) Be prepared for the dirty looks:The same way some black girls see a black man with a white girl and give the couple a dirty look, white woman feel the same way when they see a white man with a woman of another race. I was shocked, when a white friend of mine told me that all of the good white guys were being taken by the Asian girls. If you’re going to be in an inter-racial relationship– do not take the reactions of strangers personal. A thick skin is mandatory–this is your man and you need to hold your head up high and ignore all negativity.

3) Just in case you were thinking it: Penis size is not an issue: I know that there is the myth of the big, black  penis but that is an urban legend. A small penis can exist with a black man or a white one. The problem could be that your new white boyfriend might believe that rumor and feel a bit insecure–which can really work in your favor when it comes to foreplay, if you know what I mean! Just use reassuring lines like “Give me that big…” (you fill in the rest)while making love, to restore his wondering mind and sooth his ego.

John Mayer: “My Penis Is Racist”

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