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Diesel Denim by designer Sophia Kokosalaki makes a Black and Gold splash at New York Fashion Week, video below. Do these sexy semi grunge looks for women hit or miss? Do they do the Black and Gold proud? Abiola weighs in…

It’s Fashion Week in New York City and two days ago at 5pm Diesel showcased its Black and Gold line designed by Sophia Kokosalaki. The collection was a blend of street smart mixed denim looks that could easily go from the runway into our closets. Easy, breezy and date-worthy for single goddesses and marrieds alike. However…

One thing we really hope that does not come back is grunge inspired fashion. Perhaps this is why we’re simultaneously scared and titillated by these images from Diesel and Sophia Kokosalaki. We love the images at the top and the next one but…

Then just like that it all falls apart with looks like the one below and goes from date-able to hate-able. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? It looks like Jessica Simpson when she’s between breakups with John Mayer and his racist penis and the football cutie. Not our favorite Jess.

Bleeeechhhhh! Thumbs up on the sleek and sexy side of this new Diesel Black and Gold line, though. They must love it in Nawlins… Much love to my Alpha brothers too.

Photo Credit: JuJu Rhee, ICED Media. To Buy Diesel.



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