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How do you tell when your boyfriend’s a jerk? Check out these tips below:

1) He gives you a verbal resume on a first date. Even if it sounds impressive, run.

2) He begins 75 percent of sentences with I.

3) He likes to talk about how successful he intends to be in the future, insisting that money won’t be an issue despite the fact that he has four roommates and no career to speak of.

4) He really wants to be famous. For something. He’s just not sure what. But something.

5) If you make suggestions about how he could be better in bed, he twists around the problem to be your fault — you’re too uptight, not relaxed enough; you must not like sex; you must have intimacy issues, etc.

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6) He refers to himself in the third person.

7) He asks you, point blank, if he’s the best you’ve ever slept with.

8 ) He talks about himself in superlatives, like “I’m the smartest guy you’ll ever date” or “My boss says I’m the best employee he’s ever had in his whole life.”

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