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When I met up with the fabulous Jackie Collins what did I ask? Sex tips and erotic questions of course. Come on– like you wouldn’t!

On Monday I was one of 10 writers and media personalities in NYC invited for an intimate conversation at the Hotel Plaza Athenee with author Jackie Collins. Thanks to my cabbie Musa and 5th Avenue traffic I bustled into the interview 13 minutes late and did Ms Collins shoot me the look of death that I have been known to reign on others for lateness? No. She was kind and gracious. Then I had no pen. Scratch that. I have 36 pens in my bag but I couldn’t manage to clutch ONE stupid Mont Blanc while maintaining eye contact with Ms. Collins and pretending that she couldn’t see my hands scavenging wildly around in a bright orange leather bag, which by the way is fabulous. So then my dilemma was how to take notes on my iPhone without looking like I was rudely tweeting or texting. The answer is by not looking down at the phone and blind thumb typing unintelligible gibberish. Luckily the Divine Ms. C. ignored first distressing 60 seconds of my entree and we had a wonderful chatfest.

The word diva seems too small for bestselling author Jackie Collins. Jackie Collins is a legendary goddess, a queen and a woman among women. She has become internationally successful by weaving tales of intrigue and drama with incredibly strong female characters. There is no typical Jackie Collins character but her sexpot heroines from the dynamic Lucky to Anabelle of her new novel Poor Little Bitch Girl are empowered women who rewrite the rules of ‘should be’ and ‘supposed to’ in order to rule their worlds.

So when a mere mortal NY Sex, Relationships and Celebrity columnist and up and coming author like moi gets face time with an epic feminist creatrix like Jackie Collins what do we ask her? Sex tip questions of course! Come on. Like you wouldn’t!!

Top 5 Sex and Romance Tips I Learned from Jackie Collins
(Ok, some I knew already but it’s good to have them double goddess endorsed.)
5) Don’t call me I’ll call you. Why sit around all a titter wondering if he’ll ring? (I’m British whenever I think in Jackie Collins speak.) When you meet don’t even give him your number. Spare yourself the drama. Take his number and tell him that you will call him.

4) The Love You Give is The Love You Get. Jackie Collins is a huge proponent of Valentine’s Day and with all she’s seen, lived and written about still optimistic and unjaded. Apply the golden rule to love and you can only win!

3) Work with what you have. The darling Jackie became my surrogate mother forever when she looked past my disheveled NYC blown headband hair to tell me that I was beautiful and should go with it. Like we say in NYC, pimping is easy, ho-ing is hell so this is great advice, and I will use it accordingly.

2) Embrace your drama. Jackie didn’t say this, but I mean, come on! Look at how excited she is about life and how contagious it is. One of Jackie Collins’ favorite stories is how she was thrown out of school at 15. Look a her now.

1) Role Playing. Watch my 30 second video below to see what Jackie Collins has to say about sex, role playing, wigs and costumes! Oh my goddess.


Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins is on sale wherever you buy books just in time for Valentine’s Day. We highly recommend it. Thanks for checking out Jackie Collins Shares Sex Tips With Abiola Abrams.


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