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Just last month, Diddy’s first baby mama, Misa Hylton Brim, spoke on the other ladies he’s fathered children with, claiming they were her “sister wives.” She had this to say:

“Sarah [Chapman] is really sweet, but Sarah and Kim [Porter] don’t get along. I get along with everyone. With both of them. Kim and I go back for years now. We were friends at one point. I was like ‘You wanted him, you got him now, baby.’ So she’s gotta go through all the BS I had to go through back in the day. They are like my sister-wives. I try to keep everything good and we want Kim to accept Chance [Sarah’s daughter] but she’s not ready yet…but I accepted Christian [Kim’s son].

Well, so much for that friendship. Here’s what Kim Porter had to say when asked to respond to Misa’s claims:

“I don’t want to respond to anything Misa could ever say. She’s not even on my level.”


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We do think it’s cute though that Kim rocks a toothpick like her ex-man is known to do: