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When celebrating Black History Month, people tend to look back, instead of forward. And we don’t blame them. After all, it’s in the title – “history,” meaning all things memorable about the past.

But here at HelloBeautiful, we’d really like to call attention to not only those who made a difference or broke the mold, but those we feel will in the near future. The next couple of ladies we plan on profiling in “10 Women To Watch For In 2010” are on their way to having a big year, and maybe even a bigger career.


Most children with famous parents are very grateful that they’ve got an easy, immediate “in” to the industry, especially if they themselves want to be stars. But, at a certain point, you want to break away and create a name all your own.

Zoe Kravitz is on her way to doing just that. And she was able to do so without it being solely based on her looks because, let’s face it, she’s gorgeous. And that’s no shocker; after all, her parents are the equally beautiful Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. But this girl’s actually got talent. Multiple ones. Call her a triple-threat (of some sort).

At just 21, the actress has completed and released five films, acting alongside acclaimed stars Terrence Howard and Catherine Zeta Jones.

She’s also the lead singer to Philadelphia-based band Elevator Fight. They’re slowly gaining recognition; a high point being playing the mainstage at Philadelphia’s Roots Picnic in June 2009, along with The Roots, themselves. Watch them perform their song, “Paloma”:

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And, take our word for it, she’s a trendsetting fashionista. We wouldn’t be surprised if she started her own clothing line down the road, collaborated with a major fashion house, or became the next big designer’s muse.

Keep an eye out! (She’ll be appearing in four different films in 2010 alone – one of which features another “Woman To Watch For,” Gabourey Sidibe.)

She even won Jay-Z over. Here, she stars in his music video for “I Know”

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