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When it comes to kitchen storage space we could all use more! Being organized in the kitchen saves you precious time and money which allows you more time to do “other” things.

1- Install a wire wall grid to keep kitchen tools handy. Turn a bare section of wall into a hook-and-hang center. For more storage, add accessories, such as spice racks and cookbook holders.

2-Shift dry goods into airtight, stackable containers. Often, packaged food products can be stored more compactly when transferred from their packaging into containers.

3-Store spice bottles one deep, on their sides with labels visible, in shallow drawers, instead of stacking them. The best location for spice storage is below a cooktop or to the side of your range. The flavor of spices stored above a cooking surface may be adversely affected by the heat.

4-Choose full-extension pullouts. Drawers and trays that extend fully allow the use of back corners without having to reach deep into cabinets to retrieve a pot or small appliance. You may prefer drawers because they save having to first open a set of doors.

5-Attach racks to the inside of cabinet doors to boost storage options. Be sure to allow enough clearance within your cabinets for racks that tidily stow paper products.

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