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By definition, promiscuity involves indiscriminate mingling or association, especially having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis. In many ways this definition sums up the content of VH1s new hit show, “Lets Talk About Pep.” But is that a bad thing?

The show follows a foursome of girlfriends, with Pepa at the helm, on their dating adventures in New York City. Every episode features each of the four women getting into new dating adventures with what seems like a plethora of different men. The question is, should we regard the entertaining escapades as a show of promiscuity, or a few single grown women having fun?

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While none of the women appear to have had sex with any of the “dates” on the show, sex itself remains a prevalent topic. Even the name of the show, “Lets Talk About Pep,” makes reference to the former-rapper’s raunchy hit song “Let’s Talk About Sex.” Pep claims 4 years of celibacy, and is waiting for the “right guy” to come along, but the message seems to get lost among the images of her making out in hot tubs and being offered room keys by different men on a weekly basis. Similarly Pep’s cast-mate and friend Kitty, is always portrayed in an oversexed light, either getting her toes sucked, dancing on stripper poles or begging a long time friend for sex; though never with the same guy twice.

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While we respect their quest for fun, love and excitement, the women do seem to tip-toe on the boundary of promiscuity. The show is writhed with mixed messages that may be hard for some, particularly a younger audience, to decipher. Sure dating is great, but it seems like “Lets Talk About Pep” is turning out to be a marathon man eating competition for these four fabulous women, rather than a real journey to land meaningful relationships; is that really what we want to promote to our youth?

While the Pep show makes for great TV, what example is it setting?

Let us know what you think!

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