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Chris Brown has certainly been vilified in the media for his recent domestic abuse scandal. He has put on a well publicized show of repentance, and now the question is not so much ‘why did he do it;’ but more of ‘should we forgive him yet?’

It seems that in the fashion world, celebrity trumps scandal, and forgiveness is granted to Breezy. High Fashion designers Gianfranco Ferre recently showed their 2010/2011 Fall Winter menswear collection at Milan Fashion Week. Chris made an appearance and apparently the designers Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi, were so enamored with him that they posed for a picture and sent it out in a press release to major fashion news outlets.

Take a look at the press release below:

Since an esteemed fashion house like Ferre is boasting about its association with a famed woman-beater, we must ask the question: is it time to forgive Chris Brown?

In my opinion, Chris Brown is a fashionable guy. Unfortunately, he has also been convicted of domestic abuse. The latter by far cancels the appeal of the former in this simple equation.

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Regardless of how famous he is, how much publicity he can generate or how desperate fashion houses are to stay afloat in these trying economic times, I can’t fathom why any decent publicist would regard such a press release is a smart idea.

I do not think that Chris Brown has done enough to recover from his tainted image. I do not forgive him yet, and I do not want to wear any designer that flaunts him for press.

What do you think? Should we forgive Breezy yet?

Check out more on the press release here.

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