So it’s the morning after and you’re waking up but there’s just one little problem…you know you’ve had the most mind-blowing sex ever except you can’t remember it! Don’t worry. The sex was probably as amazing as you think it was. The fact that you can’t remember proves so…

Meet a little something called oxytocin. This is responsible for the uterine muscle contractions that come when a woman is in labor. Oxytocin also causes the uterine muscle contractions when a woman has an orgasm. Oxytocin is released, it fosters an emotional response between people, such as mother and child after childbirth and during breast feeding or between two partners.

It is also found that oxytocin causes an amnesia-like effect, which comes in handy after childbirth, letting mothers forget some of the trauma of giving birth. Since oxytocin is released during orgasm this explains why we can’t remember the some of the best sex we’ve ever had.

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