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(BlackDoctor.org) — Having your child ask you over a million questions, during the seemingly worst possible times, may be like “gravy” compared to him or her habitually refusing to go to school. He or she may be worthy of an Oscar for acting as though they’re too sick to attend class, and he or she gives you the same ol’ song and dance when you try to force him or her to go.

It’s also astronomically frustrating when people wrongly accuse you of not being a good parent because you cannot get your child to leave for school. It does not take an Einstein-like mind to realize it’s not always a parent’s fault if his or her child is disobedient or just plain wild.

However, when a child refuses to go to school, and throws a total fit over it, it usually is not because he or she wants to defy you; it’s typically a result of him or her being too petrified and nerve-wracked to be in the classroom. (www.education.com, 2009)

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Some children fear going anywhere outside of their home and being away from their family period. Kids might also wish to stay home from school due to overwhelming feelings of worry and anxiety of being bullied or ridiculed. (http://pediatrics.about.com, 2009)

If this is the case, your child may suffer unduly from school refusal, which predominately occurs amongst 5-6 year-olds and in children toward the completion of elementary school. The condition is characterized by a child having repeated outbursts because he or she does not want to go to school due to psychological reasons. (www.education.com, 2009)

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