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Hamstring stretches and exercise are the best way for loosening up the tight hamstrings of our body and those of our man and/or a male friends.

Talk show host and NBA All-Star John Salley practiced yoga when he was playing basketball with the Los Angeles Lakers and recommends it to the brothers to stay up on their game!

These tight hamstrings are basically found due to the heavy stress of our workload or any other work in our routine day to day life. Hamstring is a muscle which starts from exactly under the knee above into the buttocks. It is basically a group of three muscles, which are Biceps femora’s, Semitendinosis and Semimembranosis.

Hamstring stretches and exercise are effective measures to prevent the hamstring injuries. Hamstring muscles are more prone to tears and strains. Hamstring injuries are basically found in the athletes of the sport, which require a high rate of speed, power and flexibility. Hamstring injuries are found in the sprinters rather in the long running athletes e.g.:- marathon running etc. These injuries are also found in sports such as baseball, basketball and football as these sports need more muscle power.

Have a taste of two Yoga Flava video snacks to stretch out the hamstrings and inspire your man with John Salley’s interview on his Yoga Practice:

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