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There comes a time in every relationship, whether it be sooner or later, when it’s time to get down to sex. The first time that you have sex with a new partner can be exciting, as well as filled with anxiety. Bethany Hitman has written a story in this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine on four simple rules to make your first time with a new guy more memorable and less stressful.

Rule 1: Don’t jump the gun: Sometimes the prospect of taking the shiny new car out for a ride can make even the most seasoned gal want to skip the foreplay and get right to putting the ‘frank in the bun.’  But that’s a rookie’s move, slow it down says sex educator Jamya Waxman, author of Getting Off, “The goal should be to pay attention to what works and what doesn’t for the other partner.”

Rule 2: Acknowledge awkward moments: Just like he is new to you, you are new to him, too. If you acknowledge those awkward moments because they will happen, in a playful way it can help ease the “new sex” tension in the air.

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Rule 3: Say Something Nice: Most men do care about pleasing their partners so just throw him a bone. Even if he is messing it up find one thing to praise, that will build confidence for the next time.

Rule 4: Hold Back From getting Crazy Acrobatic: It’s new to both of you so those crazy tricks will be held for a later date. No need for tricks now, because the fact that he is a novice to your body is “trick” enough.

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