Looks like Solange is keeping herself busy these days…Beyonce’s lil sis was spotted at Zentra Nightclub in Chicago over the weekend taking over the 1s and 2s. Beyonce was tearing up the dance floor at Alicia Keys album release party and guess who was the DJ? Yup, if you guessed Solange, you are correct.

And we’re hearing that the girls mom, Tina Knowles is obsessed with gossip, even if it’s about her daughters.  According to, Tina can’t get enough of her gossip:

You know what? My mother loves to read celeb magazines, especially the racy tabloids! I can’t believe it sometimes. She’ll go to this magazine store in New York and buy 20 magazines while I’m standing next to her. “I’m just praying nobody recognizes me while my mom is stacking up those magazines! But she loves reading the gossip about celebs and movie stars.

“I tell her a lot of the stuff isn’t true, but she says she gets a kick out of reading all the nonsense that gets printed, even about me!”

Take a look at Solange below:

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