Now that the stress of getting that perfect gift is over, here are some tips on how to finally get a good night’s sleep from

Insomnia is often the result of life stresses like a move or a divorce. But when it lasts more than a month or two, it can lead to health problems like impaired judgment, depression, obesity and high blood pressure. If that’s happening to you, it’s time to seek medical attention. But for occasional insomnia, try these techniques.

Log off your computer. There’s nothing wrong with updating your Facebook status or chatting with an old classmate, but using the computer less than an hour before bedtime exposes you to unnecessary light that can mess with your levels of melatonin, the brain-generated hormone that regulates your sleeping and waking cycles. And going online late at night may also give you a second wind, snapping you back to alertness and making it hard to fall asleep afterward. Set a computer shutdown time – say, 9:30 or 10:00 – and find a calmer activity to help you relax before bed.

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Steer clear of bad news. Zoning out in front of the TV can be more calming than surfing the Web—if you choose your programs carefully. “Watching the news or something violent can raise your stress levels,” says Dr. Kakar. Think Dancing with the Stars or Glee, not CSI or Cold Case. (TiVo the dramas and watch them over the weekend.) And do your viewing in the family room: The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends using your bedroom only for sleep and sex.

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