I’m hearing that my ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush is planning to pop the question to girlfriend Kim Kardashian.  Apparently he was going to propose over the holidays, but jealous sister Kourtney nixed it.  According to, Kourtney — who recently gave birth to her first child, a son — apparently isn’t prepared to share the spotlight with her younger sibling.

Kourtney screamed at Reggie, ‘You can’t do this to me!’” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Kourtney is extremely hormonal right now, and her emotions got the best of her. Reggie was stunned and caught completely off-guard.

“Reggie doesn’t want to battle Kourtney, so he backed off to keep the peace.

“Now he’s planning on asking for Kim’s hand in marriage in early 2010, after Kourtney’s baby hubbub has died down.

“There’s always been underlying tension because Kourtney feels like she’s been playing second fiddle to Kim for so long.

“She was hoping that the last days of her pregnancy and the first few weeks with her newborn would be all about her.”

Take a look at the couple below:

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